MundiArt - Rio de Janeiro, August 15-30, 2009

 The Intercambio Cultural Arts, in partnership with Instituto Cultural Brasil USA, presents the MundiArt - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art. The exhibition is plural, open to different styles and techniques, and presents works by artists of great expression, international artists, representatives of generations of the past twenty years, and new talent, representing the great diversity of Brazilian culture and fertility.

The artists explore a variety of techniques and media, like videos, ceramics, collages, drawings, paintings, mosaic, sculpture, origami, papietagem, photography, cartoon and graffiti. Precisely by not printing a direction or a trend, the show can present a comprehensive and democratic view of contemporary art. Although, of course, does not present all the existing genres or categories and does not account for all of the current artistic production in terms of its scale, the show fulfills its role well. It is able to demonstrate, from a fairly representative group of artists, a considerable variety of work, illustrate the diversity of the production of contemporary art that has been performed worldwide.

With this show, hope to offer the public the unique opportunity to see major works together notable talents of national and international contemporary art.



Some sights from the opening:

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Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro


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