J. Porat - Homage to Fernando Pessoa

Works 2004 - Oil & Mixed Media

The true mask feels no inside to the mask / But looks out of the mask by co-masked eyes [...]. [Pessoa]

 Homage to Pessoa 3 47 Years of Solitude Pessoa 1 Homage toPessoa 2 The Opening of a window
TheTrue Mask 3 Homage to Pessoa 4 TheTrue Mask 1 Homage to Pessoa 5 TheTrue Mask 2



I am the escaped one, After I was born / They locked me up inside me / But I left. / My soul seeks me, Through hills and valley, I hope my soul / Never finds me. [Pessoa]


העולם לא נברא כדי שנהגה בו [...] אלא כדי שנתבונן בו / פרננדו פסואה

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Lisbon December 2010 - Invitation / FERNANDO pessoa university - FEBRUARY 2011

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Lisbon 0909

 New: "Homage to fernando pessoa" - Lisbon 9.12.2010

A rainy day

Opening ceremony at the Belgium-House, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem - November 16, 2008

Marta Dineia Gamito's Address at the Opening of Jacob Porat's Exhibition - "Homage to Fernando Pessoa"

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be here today to open Jacob Porats exhibition, Homage to Fernando Pessoa. Jacob Porats work, speaking for itself, is the expression of a true artistic vocation. In his words, his painting is inevitably inseminated by the two other arts in which he engages: Music and Literature. Jacob Porat studied music and violin and holds first degree in Hebrew Literature and Bible Studies and second degree in Comparative Literature, both from Tel-Aviv University. He studied Art, Painting and art printing in Avni institute in Tel Aviv. Today, Jacob Porat is a member of Israels Painters and Sculptors Association. The world of Fernando Pessoa, is the world of the infinite multiplications between the infinite self and alter egos. What I may say about this exhibition today is that an image is worth a thousand words. I would like to thank the Embassy of Portugal in Israel, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and of course Zehava Kalman and Michal Sadan for hosting this exhibition. Ladies and Gentleman, I now give you the artist, Jacob Porat. I take great pleasure in declaring this exhibition open.


Lisbon December 2010 - Invitation / FERNANDO pessoa university - FEBRUARY 2011

Cascais - March 2011

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"גלריה", הארץ, 13.12.2010

Exposição de Pintura em Lisboa homenageia Pessoa  

Exposição homenageia Pessoa

האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים - המחלקה לדוברות

"פרננדו פסואה לא קיים"

A rainy day

Biblioteca Municipal de Cascais - São Domingos de Rana

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