J. Porat - Conversations with Kafka: Krakow, Judaica Foundation, May 2005 

Opening - Jeruslem, May 2001

Opening Ceremony: Prague [19.1.04]

  Opening Ceremonies: Polna [1.9.04] and Luhacovice [8.11.04]

Minsk Mazowiecki, January 2006

Wyszkow, April 4 - May 3, 2006 [Opening Ceremony]


Dziennik Polski

Jolanta Antecka - Dziennik Polski / Kronika krakowska - 11-05-2005

In the year 2005 approximately 25 000 people visited the Center and participated in its programs

Exhibition-History and Comments

Video: J. Porat - Conversations with Kafka

Krakowska Jesien


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