J. Porat: Halfway There 22.9.2011-22.10.2011 יעקב פורת: סיכום ביניים

: Woodcuts & and Linocuts Exhibition -  תערוכת חיתוכי עץ ולינוליאום


סיכום ביניים - דברים על התערוכה





Zaritsky Artists House

Words of the curators:
Gallery AP / Tel Aviv Artists-House  is happy to invite you to the opening of a new exhibition on Thursday, 22 September, at 20.00 pm.

Jacob Porat -- Halfway There

An exhibition of woodcuts and linocuts showing forty-six prints,
works created by the artist Jacob Porat over a period of approximately ten years.

These works reflect the distinctive intellectual qualities of the artist and his unique skill and intuition; here we have a very powerful 'halfway there'

in graphic printmaking, which represents both the artistic direction and a very significant period in life of the artist.
Ilya and Tina


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יעקב פורת

Jacob Porat

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