Jacob Porat: Ramon Inn & “Merkaz Hamevakrim” – Mitzpe Ramon, 1999-2000


View - Desert Spirits, Hadera 2005

Ramon Inn & “Merkaz Hamevakrim” – Mitzpe Ramon

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Jacob Porat: Desert Spirits

Mitzpe Ramon: December 3.99January 1.2000

Mitzpe Ramon, 1999-2000

 Hadera 2005

Rishon Lazion 2006

2009 - אשכול הפיס -אריאל

2010 - מרכז הקונגרסים

Desert Spirits

The two series of works, to which the above title refers, were born after two visits I made in the Sinai desert at 1996 and in the deserts around Mitzpe Ramon at 1999.

The meeting with the Sinai desert in 1996, which actually was my first significant encounter with this desert [after years of rejections to visit there – for reasons that never were clarified enough] was really amazing… not only because the exposing in full intensity of the various majestic sights of this desert, but rather because it became clear to me – without doubt – that the “spirit” of the desert appears in many of my works, which were created during the eighties - without being conscious at all to this fact then, while the works were created - until my real encounter with this desert in 1996. The intensive meeting about three years later with the views of the desert around Mitzpe Ramon, not only caused me to clarify finally the connection between the above mentioned works of mine and the deserts sights, but also finalized my decision to bring into a unification of some of the works created that time – especially in the eighties as said above – and the photographs I made during the years 1996 and 1999.  

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